Hard Drive Optimizer


Are you running out of disk space and don't know which files and folders are responsible for that? Hard Drive Optimizer will help you instantly find the largest files on your hard drive and delete them by using drag & drop.

Hard Drive Optimizer will also perform disk defrag to optimize hard drive performance and increase the lifespan of your disk. With Hard Drive Optimizer, your hard drive will be in top shape!

Free up disk space and optimize hard drive performance
Hard Drive Optimizer makes it super-easy to find and manage large files on your computer. With its help you'll be able to effortlessly free up disk space by deleting files you no longer need by using drag & drop. Once unnecessary files are gone, Hard Drive Optimizer will defrag your disk to increase its speed, performance, and prolong its lifetime.

Download Hard Drive Optimizer
Download Hard Drive Optimizer for free and see how easy it is to manage large files. The free trial lets you analyze your disk for large files. Hard Drive Optimizer supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Hard Drive Optimizer