Elevator control software


Elevator control software is a program designed to control the operation and movement of an elevator system. It typically includes programming, algorithms, and hardware components that allow for the efficient and safe operation of the elevator system. It can include features such as speed control, door opening and closing, safety interlocks, and more. It is typically designed to be user-friendly and programmable to meet the specific needs of the building or facility.
There are a variety of commercial products available that offer elevator control software. Some of the most popular include:
- Otis Elevator Company's OptiDrive
- Schindler's Miconic 10
- KONE's MonoSpace
- ThyssenKrupp Elevator's Elevator Control System (ECS)
- Hitachi's Hi-Vision Elevator Manager
- Mitsubishi Electric's Elevator Control System (ECS)
- Fujitec's ECS/SXS
- Toshiba's Elevator Control System (ECS)
- Sigma Elevator Company's Sigma Control System
- Express Elevator's ECS/SXS