In addition to Drag & Drop support, Duplicate Photo Cleaner supports keyboard shortcuts that you can use to access all key Duplicate Photo Cleaner functions.

Key combination (Windows)Key combination (Mac OS)UI ElementAction
ALT+SALT+SMain windowOpen settings window
LEFTLEFTTree ViewCollapse tree node
RIGHTRIGHTTree ViewExpand tree node
SPACESPACETable/Tree/Multi-ViewSelect/Unselect current item
DELDELTable/Tree/Multi-ViewDelete selected
CTRL+OCMD+OTable/Tree/Multi-ViewOpen selected
CTRL+MCMD+MTable/Tree/Multi-ViewMove selected
UP, LEFTUPTable/Tree/Multi-ViewScroll back
DOWN, RIGHTDOWNTable/Tree/Multi-ViewScroll next
PgUpPgUPTable/Tree/Multi-ViewScroll one page back
PgDnPgDnTable/Tree/Multi-ViewScroll one page next
HomeHomeTable/Tree/Multi-ViewScroll to the first item
EndEndTable/Tree/Multi-ViewScroll to the last item
SHIFT+LCLICKSHIFT+LCLICKTable ViewSelect range (originals in each group will remain unselected)
CTRL+SCMD+SMulti-ViewDecrease thumbnail size
CTRL+LCMD+LMulti-ViewIncrease thumbnail size

We hope you enjoy using Duplicate Photo Cleaner and it will help you manage your photos.