Digital Photography Made Easy

Photography is an amazing form of art. It lets you share your view of the world, tell stories, capture emotion, and wow your viewers. It’s also a wonderful and exciting hobby that gets you to travel, meet new people, and create beautiful images. These days it’s also an affordable hobby because you can take high-quality […]

Essential PC & Mac Speedup Guide

Having to deal with a slow computer is one of the most frustrating things in your everyday life. We’ve known people get so frustrated that they’ve punched their laptops and threw them out of the window. But you don’t have to do anything that drastic because it’s possible to speed up pretty much any PC […]

Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy

Protecting your computer is just as important as locking your front door when you leave your house. Your computer has to be protected at all times because malware and hackers never sleep. The Web can be a dangerous place if you don’t know how to make your computer immune to infections and how to cure […]

Ultra Clipboard – powerful tool 

Do you work with a lot of text? Do you need to have your copy history at your fingertips? Then Ultra Clipboard is the tool for you! Ultra Clipboard is a useful tool for al who work with a lot of text. It keeps a history of all your clipboard entries and saves it, so […]

Easy PC Optimizer – powerful optimization tool

Easy Duplicate Finder – $39.95 Easy Duplicate Finder is an award-winning program that will help you find and delete all sorts of duplicate files in just a few clicks. Thanks to its advanced algorithms and flexible file management options, Easy Duplicate Finder offers unmatched accuracy and ease of use. With the help of this program […]

SensiGuard – Protecting your private files

SensiGuard – $39.00 SensiGuard is the fastest, the easiest and the most reliable way to encrypt files and folders. The program has lots of advanced features to securely encrypt your files, folders, USB drives and shred files beyond recovery. SensiGuard proves that advanced and reliable data encryption doesn’t have to be so difficult that only […]

Hard Drive Optimizer – manage large files

Hard Drive Optimizer Are you running out of disk space and don’t know which files and folders are responsible for that? Hard Drive Optimizer will help you instantly find the largest files on your hard drive and delete them by using drag & drop. Hard Drive Optimizer will also perform disk defrag to optimize hard […]

FileCleaner – powerful cleanup and optimization tools

Make your computer fast, clean and secure with FileCleaner’s powerful cleanup and optimization tools. FileCleaner has a powerful set of Windows utilities to make your computer run faster without any hassle. It can run real-time PC cleanup, delete junk files in one click, remove annoying browser toolbars, uninstall unwanted programs, and fix PC errors. In […]

NetOptimizer Improve your internet connection

NetOptimizerfrom: WebMinds, Inc. Does your Internet connection feel slow even though your ISP insists you’re getting the maximum speed? Incorrect hidden network settings that Windows applies by default may be responsible for this. NetOptimizer offers a quick and easy way to fix and optimize hidden Internet connection settings automatically, so that you can finally enjoy […]

Easy File Shredder – Delete files and wipe free disk space

Easy File Shredder – $29.95 Easy File Shredder is an all-in-one solution for individuals and businesses who want to securely shred confidential files and clean-wipe hard drive free space to protect their privacy. Easy File Shredder uses the highest industry standards to shred sensitive data, which guarantee the maximum security. Easy File Shredder can securely […]